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Fingerprint analysis and the comparison of fingerprints or palm prints, whether whole or partial from an item or surface at a crime scene with those taken from a suspect, remains a key element of forensic work in criminal cases and can often form the basis of substantive evidence for the prosecution.  



Fingerprints can be left on almost any physical objects or surfaces and, in the right conditions, and can remain there for several years. Fingerprints are still the only unique means of human identification with no two fingerprints having ever been found to be the same. Even identical twins who share similar DNA genetics will have different fingerprints. 
When analysing fingerprints each contains patterns that allow them to be classified and distinguished from one and other.


Fingerprint analysis - matching mistakes

Fingerprints analysis is however fraught with difficulties and matching mistakes or ‘over-interpretation’ are more common than one would probably imagine. 

Forensic Equity routinely compares and reviews the work of others, and takes the case as a whole. As well analysing the physical match of the print if required, we will also assess the position of the fingerprint and its orientation, so as to determine the potential mechanisms of placement and the activity of the donor.

For more information read our article on figerprint analysis - the potential flaws, weeknesses and limitations


Forensic Equity boasts a highly experienced team of forensic scientists working on fingerprint identification and interpretation, comparison and enhancement.


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